Frequently Asked Questions

Anna Świątek
Written by Anna Świątek

Klaviano emails go to spam

Our goal is to provide you with messages supporting your Klaviano account and the most relevant information from the upright and grand piano industry. To make sure you don't miss anything important (such as customer messages), follow these quick steps:

For Gmail users - Move us to the Primary tab:

1. In your Inbox, locate and select our message.

2. Then drag and drop it into the Primary tab.

OR add our email address to your Google Contacts:

1. Hover over our sender name in the email (on your phone, tap the circle next to our sender name)

2. Click Add to contacts.

You can see instructions from Google here.

For iPhone users - add us to VIPs:

1. Open the email

2. Click on our email address at the top of the email

3. Click Add to VIP.

For users of other e-mails, instructions on how to add us to contacts here.