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Anna Świątek
Written by Anna Świątek

How much will transporting a piano cost?

How much piano delivery?

How much does it cost to move a piano

To begin with, it should be noted that the piano moving cost depends on several factors:

  • the size and weight of your piano – transporting an upright piano console weighing around 100 kg should cost us less than transporting a grand piano, which can weigh over half a tonne.
  • the distance over which you want to transport your piano – most removal companies add the number of kilometres they have to transport your piano, multiplied by the average price per km/mi set by the company, to the basic costs (lifting, carrying or packing the consignment). Our transport calculator will help you with this calculation.
  • the means of transport we can choose – land transport is cheaper. In the case when we have to use air or sea transport the piano shipping costs may increase.

Would you like to know the cost of transporting your piano/piano use our transportation valuation form. You will get to know the cost of transporting your instrument from point A to point B, and you will receive directions to a transportation company that can perform such a service.